Pricing Plans

Please contact the owner to find out under which category your caravan etc falls into.

Some very small units can be charged at less than the current lowest tariff, please contact the proprietor for more information.

Small Units

1 axle and other equivalents

£44.00 per month

inc VAT

e.g. VW campers

1 Axle

1 axle and other equivalents

£47.00 per month

inc VAT

2 Axle

2 axle , larger units and equivalents

£49.00 per month

inc VAT

How it Works

In normal circumstances a new customer will bring their caravan or equivalent to start the storage term and pay the storage fee from that commencement date. However should a customer wish to reserve a place, once one becomes available, or is unable to take up the space being offered, but again wishes to reserve one, then the proprietor will request a payment equivalent to 3 months fee ( e.g.currently £141 inc VAT for a single axle caravan and its equivalents ) this will then be taken off the first subsequent invoice once the storage contract has commenced.


Customers will be required to give a full months notice of their intention to quit the site and contract in all reasonable circumstances.

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All prices are inclusive of VAT


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